How to customize your nutrition plan TODAY?

At Qua Nutrition we believe that no two persons individualsare alike. Every individual has his/her UNIQUE biochemistry and metabolism. This is why following a diet that worked for a celebrity or your friend might not work for you.and you will be fighting a losing battle and iIt is important to design a nutrition plan that is takes into account the factors that are unique to you body.fuel your body with these unique requirements to ensure that it functions at its optimal BEST!
We begin by assessing your
•    Blood Biochemistry
•    Maybe test for Allergies if required
•    Walk through your life history
•    Look at your GENES via Nutrition gene testing( optional)
•    Ask you about your current Diet, and
•    thenThendesigndesign the best Customised Eating Plan with a Good Food Supplement strategy for YOUyou.
With evidence based nutrition therapies for your body’s needs & requirements, a plan is designed to fit into your schedule while ensuring communication on a weekly basis for you continued support throughout your journey. We believe in providing all our clients with appropriate food choices for every day activity to keep your body healthy and fit.
At the end of your nutrition package, you would not only be healthier but also a MUCH MORE energetic and a happier person.


What is a Rregistered Ddietitian?

Registered dietitians (RDs) are food and nutrition professionals accredited through the Indian Dietetic Association. RDs have undergone extensive education and training in the use of food and nutrition to maintain and improve health, as well as address medical conditions.
RDs must complete a rigorous program that includesOur qualified team of RDs should have:
•    A minimum of a three-year college Nutrition and Dietetics accredited degree
•    A Hospital clinical-based internship for 6 months at a minimum
•    Passage  of a comprehensive national exam 
•    An on going education and research activity to keep in breast of the latest in the field of nutrition Continuing education to maintain the credential 


Why should I see a dietitian?

Think of a dietitian as your personalized trainer or coach. Like a trainer, a good nutritionist discusses your goals and concerns, then assesses what changes must be made to achieve the results you’re seeking. The dietitian then develops a realistic plan that fits your objectives and lifestyle, supports you every step of the way, and makes any necessary adjustments as you progress on your journey.


What makes Qua Nutrition different?

Unlike some Nutrition providers, we deliver customized consultations that account for a wide range of important personal considerations. These unique considerations can have a meaningful impact on the speed of your progress and your overall results.
Working together, we’ll devise the best course of action. It’s a partnership approach with us – not a dictatorship – with an open exchange of thoughts. You will be an active participant when we design your nutritional plan.
And, while we’re serious about achieving the results you want, you’ll have fun with the process.

QUA NUTRITION is the only clinic who’s dietitian is backed by a panel of Mentor Dietitian and a QUALITY CONTROL dietitians. These individuals will have an intellectual sparing session post the counseling to determine the best nutritional strategies before planningyour Nutrition Chart. We also use a proprietarysoftware that ensures accuracy of charts and service. This one of kind SOFTWARE has been used with Olympic Diets, Guinness World Record events and celebrity roles such as Aamir Khan in their body morphing roles. This software is also enabled to predict your trend lines as well as integrate your blood test reports so that the dietitians vast quantum of data handled is easier on the mind whilst choosing the foods that align your eating behaviour and subsequentchanges in medical blood parameters for the better.

What types of services do you provide?

We offer a full range of services for corporate and individual clients.
Our corporate services help businesses  enhance the health and productivity of their employers, while lowering health-related costs. Meanwhile, our individual services enable clients to reach their sports nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, plans for would be mothers, medical nutrition, and wellness goals.
They can be enabled for a varied time periods of anywhere between one month to a year long  that can be renewed as per requirement.
 Individual services are time bound with one-time, one month up to Annual packages on various life stages or medical conditions. Our SPORTS & FITNESS plans are customised to meet athletic requirements for result driven expectations.


How does the process work for individual clients?

During the initial consultation, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll talk about your goals, needs, and lifestyle, so we can establish an effective and sensible plan.
You’ll complete a short form, and we’llthat will cover your schedule, food preferences, what has worked for you in the past, health issues, medications/supplements, physical activity, motivators, and challenges. We’ll develop your nutrition “roadmap” to plot where  you are now, where you need to go, and the initial steps to get moving in the right direction.
After this first conversation, follow-up visits can be scheduled and adjustments made to support as needed to build upon this initial information, make adjustments, and support your progress.


Do I have to visit Qua Nutrition Clinic?

Visit our Clinic clinic on a Prepre-booked Appointment  appointment.OR oneOne of the advantages of working with Qua Nutrition is that we bring our services to you – VIA via SKYPE or Phonephone. Whether it’s your home or office.,Aall we need to do is hear your voice. Our Dietitians dietitians are trained to ask all the right questions and with the phone and email, we can set up your counsels  consultationsover a period of time. The best part is that you have a dietitian at your Doorstep doorstep literally.


Is the nutrition plan just goal based or will it help me changemy eating habits permanently?

Since you come for a Nutrition Plan for achieving a specific purpose or a goal, in that sense, we help you achieve the goal to the best possible. Nutrition is an ongoing process and what is achieved after following a nutrition plan can be lost if there is no understanding of how it works. At Qua Nutrition, we work towards explaining the reason behind a change. The change and adaptability is subtle and keeping in mind your specific needs that at the end of any plan ( lasting more than 90 days ) , there would a defined eating habit change towardsthe better. This will help you hold on towards your goal over a longer sustained period of time. 


I have a very active social life. During parties, I can’t be picky on what I eat. Can Qua tailor-make a package for me?

We all have our unique lifestyle. The customized nutrition plan revolves around YOU. During the counselling process we take about half an hour understanding this aspect. The Nutrition plan is then built around your lifestyle. The art in in balancing the off meals with in the tailor made package, in orderto still achieve what you wantof the Nutrition Plan. 


Healthy to me is equivalent to a salad-based raw fruit or vegetable diet that is tough to chew and tougher to swallow. Such diet fads don’t last long. How can you help me out here?

Any one kind of meal / food cannot be sustained and is not Nutritious- even if it salad. This is because one kind of food doesn’tcontain all the necessary nutrients and elements we need to make us healthy. Diet fads can be followed only for a very short period of time and most of them do not have benefits that last. They can have harmful effects if taken without guidance. The healthy way of eating is to understand your system and have a nutritionist guide you to give you a Nutrition plan that is closest to your body type which is sustainable and healthy to include all kind of food products. 


Besides the diet plan, will your nutritionist also devise exerciseplans for me?

Qua Nutrition specialises in giving Nutrition Plan and all have personnel specifically qualified for the same. We do not devise exercise plan for you, though we do recommend you to follow some kind of exercisepattern. 


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