Weight loss (Trim down)

Everyone despite their age and gender wants to look trim and fit today. You want to hide that extra flab and have tried every little advice but in vain! With so many facts and fiction about fat loss, it is not surprising that people get confused. You think the only way to lose that extra kilo is by starving yourself and eating less! At least that’s the impression you get seeing the concave-stomached models. But do you know that by starving you lose water and not fat? Every gram of glycogen in your body holds 3gms of water, and when you starve yourself, glycogen breaks down and you eventually lose water. It is not about eating less, but eating right and in the correct quantity that will help you lose weight.

However, there is no one universal plan that can work for everyone! A sensible weight loss program allows you to lose weight slowly. It can range from 500gms to 1Kg per week. Gradual weight loss promotes loss of body fat instead of water loss. 

At Qua Nutrition,our team of nutritionists will design a customized nutrition plan that works towards a fitter and trimmer you.
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