Counting Your Decade

Your 40s and 50s are the years when you have an established career and you can afford to leave the late-night duty to junior staff. Most often you spend your day at one place doing no form of activity. You also go out to eat more often. This is when the body slowly begins to retire and metabolic diseases begin to creep in.  Eating right and working out will have its benefits as you age. 
As you step into your 60s, you cannot afford to eat the way you did in your 20s and still keep weight off. As you age, you are typically less active and so you lose muscle and gain fat. This causes metabolism to slow down. So watching what you eat during these years can keep your body and mind sharp and improve the quality of your life.
At Qua Nutrition we will customize a plan to suit your age. Our Diet and supplement regime will change the way you feel as you take control of this part of your life towards a fitter healthier you.


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