Growing toddlers are experimentative and love new tastes. What they eat, develops as taste that stays as memory receptors for the rest of their lives as preferred choice or favourites. Toddlers are also fussy eaters and parents tend to compromise by giving way to sweetened or fatty food. 
It is important that as parents, we introduce different varieties of food and taste indicators to our children. It’s also the right time to keep away from the fat and calorie rich food and make healthier choices, so that the child is able to develop their taste preference towards the same rather than more sweetened food. 
Our paediatric nutrition can help you understand your kid’s preferred choice better and modulate his/her behaviour towards food. Introducing new foods, camouflaging food disliked in order to maintain a nutrient balance and exposure to the complete food range for better acceptability is inbuilt into our Nutrition plans. 


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