Skin Care

Agonizing about a breakout on your face just before a date? Does your face, arms and back breakout into tiny annoying painful eruptions?! It is probably acne!
Acne is a common problem among teens. But acne can affect people at any age. During teens, most parents dismiss acne as a hormonal overdrive that will eventual peter out.
Why do you have those breakouts even after taking great care of your skin? Between all the unsolicited advice from overbearing relatives and trying different remedies, you must have lost all hopes of getting rid of them!
Medications can supress the acne temporarily, but you will be prone to breakouts the moment you stop using them. Although acne can't be cured, it can be successfully cleared up with the right treatments. Did you know that a nutritious diet could be the solution to your acne problem?!
At Qua Nutrition, a team of expert nutritionists will design a meal plan addressing this concern of yours and soon you can congratulate yourself on a flawless skin!


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